Elmodis improves efficiency of industrial machines

Elmodis offers an integrated hardware and software solution that enables manufacturers of electric motors and electric-powered machines to remotely monitor performance of their products in real time.


We have developed customized solutions to various types of most common industrial machines





Client benefits

Industrial machines often operate in difficult or suboptimal conditions, which not only negatively affects their performance and durability, but also increases energy consumption and maintenance costs. Elmodis provides data to improve efficiency of industrial machines.

Energy efficiency

Connected directly to machine’s electric motor, Elmodis detects malfunctions and calculates savings for optimal working conditions.

Predictive maintenance

Elmodis diagnostics devices calculate key operating parameters (much more than vibrations and temperature) of a machine and notify about potential malfunctions in advance.

Asset optimization

Download detailed historic usage data from all your machines, identify patterns and eliminate weaknesses to improve your products.

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