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Elmodis Smart Pumps Solution

Elmodis Smart Pumps Solution for OEMs

Condition monitoring and diagnostics for pumps

We predict failures and optimize pump performance

Manufacturers around the world are looking for new ways to improve both plant efficiency and operational effectiveness. In today's outcome-driven world, customer demands and expectations are higher than ever. When purchasing new equipment they no longer look only at technical specifications, they expect great service and maintenance support. Give them exactly what they need with Elmodis Smart Pumps Solution.

Elmodis Smart Pumps Solution is a unique, dedicated end-to-end system for pump manufacturers. We use IIoT technology and machine learning to predict and prevent failures before they happen.

Elmodis Smart Pumps top functionalities:

Access to machine exploitation parameters 24/7:

  • Work time, stop time
  • Productive/unproductive time, utilization, load histogram
  • Machine number of starts / stops statistics
  • Active/reactive energy consumption
  • Minimum/ maximum/ average load
  • Minimum/ maximum/ average currents and voltages value

Customized reports adjusted to your needs

Measurement and correlation of various signals (electrical, temperature, vibration, process parameters)

Alerts & notifications

Maintenance support

Malfunction detection

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Selected issues you can solve with Elmodis Smart Pumps Solution

Operational parameters

  • work outside Best Efficiency Point area
  • work in areas outside the norm
  • work with full or partial blockage
  • clogged filters or pipelines
  • aeration of the suction pipeline, cavitation
  • dry running
  • unsealing, operation by a bypass valve
  • too low anti-cavitation surplus (due to the height of the tank, sucking from the
  • collector through other pumps, increased medium temperature, too high flow)

Maintenance / service:

  • excessive operation time without repair, causing significant efficiency drop
  • low quality of service repairs, lowering the initial efficiency level
  • poor quality of assembly after service, replacement
  • problems with incorrect lubrication


  • wear of the impeller or housing (erosion, cavitation)
  • break / damage to the rotor
  • clogging the rotor with a foreign body
  • problems with imbalance
  • problems with alignment (installation or related to degradation of the foundation)
  • bearing wear
  • external leakage through shaft sealing

Key business advantages for you

Increased sales revenue and differentiation from competition

Thanks to insight into your pumps’ performance, you can now improve product design in order to better serve customer needs. Having Smart Pump Solution brings additional value for customers and increases sales and competitive advantages. Also, our solution can be implemented in new pumps as well as existing ones, giving you a chance to open brand new sales opportunities.

Increased customer satisfaction and upselling

Online monitoring of parameters of your machines with remote diagnostics gives your customers not only the data, but also its interpretation for a faster and better decision making process. Solid equipment = satisfied customer! And satisfied customers are loyal to their trusted vendors.

Lowered equipment failure rate

Service machines before problems get out of control with notifications of suspicious activity. Predict when service is needed to avoid downtimes and customer disappointment.

Better spare parts stock management

Full insight into your machines allows you to plan service and repairs based on the actual condition of the equipment.

Lower your operational and labor costs

With better planning for routine service and reliable information about the status of your machines, operational costs can be reduced.

Easy integration with your equipment

Focus on your core missions while we deliver tailor-made solutions based on IIoT technology, machine learning and AI.

To learn more about the advantages of predictive maintenance in pump manufacturing, download our “5 Tips on How to Stay Competitive in the Growing Market of Pump Manufacturing”

Key business advantages for your customers

Prolongs trouble-free machine operation

Increases the availability of machines

Reduces operating costs of the machinery park

Increases the productivity of the company

Increases energy efficiency

Improves maintenance team safety and working conditions

ecologically friendly

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