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"Smart Integrated Monitoring System for Critical Components of Wind Turbines based on Electrical Measurements"


The main objective of this project is to prepare a complete system for condition prediction and diagnostics of key wind turbine components (bearings (including main bearings), rotor blades, gearbox, generator and others), based mainly on electrical measurements of the generator output and auxiliary equipment motors’ power supply. A key component of this system is the development of a population model based on measurements from hundreds of turbines and using this to optimize the effectiveness of predicting the condition of the aforementioned components and the way they are operated. This will directly lead to extended turbine life and reduced maintenance and operating costs, resulting in increased operational efficiency overall.

As part of the project implementation, the company is targeting a 10% market share in turbine monitoring, which would approximate to projected revenues of €60 million per year, accounting for around 40% of the company’s revenues by 2027.

The company will build and implement the appropriate technical teams and commercial activities to achieve the objectives of the project.


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